St. Richard Parish

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We, as members of the Parish Council of St. Richard, assume the responsibilities of leadership in and among the family of St. Richard. We come as servants of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and understand that our role on this council is a response to His call to serve. We endorse this belief and submit that we will carry it into practice through our goals and aims.


Terry Slade




Mary Blum

Council Members

Roberta Brennan Jan Henderson
Hal Simpkin Ted Vehige
Vacant Vacant

Ex-Officio Members

Rev. Mr. John Bischof (Deacon)
Rev. Mr. Ron Reuther (Deacon)
The Parish Council meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Chichester Room. The April 2011 Parish Council meeting minutes are now available for review.
Interested in knowing more about the Parish Council? Please take a moment and review the St. Richard Parish Pastoral Council guidelines.
Questions or comments can be emailed to the Parish Council at