St. Richard Parish

Church Renovation Project Overview and Summary

The St. Richard church renovation project was completed in March 2008. The below images show the fruits of our labor.

Church Interior-0260_cDuring the three year capital campaign phase of the project, we received pledges of $873,000 and collected 94% of those pledges. This is an outstanding collection rate. Unfortunately, over the three plus years of this campaign, the buying power of those funds has decreased by 20-30% due to construction industry trends.

During the summer of 2006 we completed one of our two objectives - air conditioning the school. We began work on our second objective, improving our worship space and church in early 2007.

Church Interior-0247_cOn April 19, 2007 a parish wide briefing was held on the project. At this meeting, we discussed how the current available funds would allow us to do significant improvements to the church interior, but minimal improvements to the narthex and entry area. The cost to include the improvements to the narthex and entry - a family room, restroom, increased floor space, among other things - would require the parish to secure a loan from the Archdiocese to supplement our available funds. The general consensus of the attendees at the meeting indicated we should move forward and complete the purposed interior and narthex improvements. Following this meeting, Father Burgoon met with the Archdiocese Finance Committee and successfully secured a line of credit that will permit St. Richard to proceed with both areas of improvement.

We have set an initial project budget of $900,000 for all of purposed work. Contract documents were issued for bid in early August 2007. These bids confirmed we were able to do everything that is shown in the architect's drawings (see links below).

Construction begin in October of 2007. Our goal was to have Holy Week and Easter Services in our completed church in March 2008, and that goal was achieved.

Church Interior-strnew01_c

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