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Sunday, Feb 1st | Church
After 9 and 11am Masses in the Church Family Room

Kindergarten thru 4th grade
After the opening prayer at Mass, follow the leaders to the school building, with other kids your age, to hear and learn about the Word of God, prayers, and even a weekly bulletin with games, puzzles and other fun activities!
Mom & Dad –The Children’s Liturgy of the Word program provides the Sunday Liturgy on a meaningful level for children grouped in grades K-2 and 3-4. Our readings, prayers, responses and even a weekly bulletin are geared for their understanding and all of our teachers certified in Protecting God’s Children. The children are lead to the school building before the 1st reading and, after hearing and learning the Word of God on an age appropriate level, return at offertory to present our gifts at the altar.

SPRING 2015 - Baseball, Softball & Golf Registrations
Open til January 31
To register go to: - Click on link: “Register for St Richard Sports” Be sure to check out the Sports tabs at the top of the page for details and contacts for each sport. If you have any questions or problems registering contact: Brian Musielak at

Tuesday, Feb 17th | 7pm | O’Brien Hall
This year, we have combined the Fat Tuesday Celebration with our Bunco night. We will play Bunco and then have a variety of tasty treats to try. Beer, Wine, Soda, Coffee and Hot Tea will be served along with the desserts. $5 per person - RSVP by Friday, Feb 15th to Peggy Thomeczek 997-6445 Come decked out in your Mardi Gras mask and beads! Hope to see you there!

Saturday, February 7

February 26 - March 1
What a wonderful way to begin your Lenten Spiritual Journey and meet women of the parish. Registration forms can be found in the church vestibule. For further information call: Ann Woods - 434-1687.

Saturday, March 21

St Richard Parish "The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic" Discussion Groups
The middle of Lent into the middle of the Easter Season
We plan on six sessions, matching the six chapters of the book. The Groups would be 8 – 12 people in size, and meet once a week. The sessions can be held in someone’s home, in the Rectory Chichester Room, or a class room, during the day or evening. In the pews, you will find Sign-Up Sheets. Be sure to take one, fill it out, and return it to Church (collection basket at Mass – Parish Office – mail it in). We will do our best to structure Groups according to your requests.

St. Richard Gift Card/Certificate Program
The GCP is a substantial fund raiser that benefits the parish. Learn more about the program and how you can participate.

GIFT CARD SALES January 12-18, 2015
Amount of Sales: $5620
Number of Families: 26
Gross Profit: $260.10
For a complete listing of GLS cards, go here  

A Prayer for Peace and Healing in our Community

O, Loving Father, You the creator of the earth and creator of human beings. In your Image, send your Spirit upon our neighborhoods and members of our churches that our hearts become hearts of love and not hearts of stone.

May your Spirit fill us with insight and understanding of the issues that lay below the surface of Michael Brown's death. May you console Michael Brown's family with your healing grace, and walk with the family of the policeman involved in the shooting.

Bless as well those who hold positions of authority in our communities... give them wisdom, compassion and courage as they serve the common good.

We stand before you in our brokenness, pleading for your grace to come upon us, that we might be filled with your presence at this time.

We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Prayer of St. Richard